For over 5 years our friends and customers from all over have called us with their shoe and leather repair questions.  Most people don't know how easy it can be to extend the life of their favorite pair of shoes or make them more comfortable to wear, so we've gathered this list of the ten most common questions our friends ask us.  We hope they will help you to enjoy and to extend the life of your shoes for many years to come!

Yes!  Most heels can be shortened, but  only as much as the arch of the shoe will permit.


Yes!  A toe piece (tip) can be put on the shoes that will make them look good as new.


Severe scuffs may need to be dyed, but normally a really good cleaning coupled with a quality shoe shine will restore your shoes to a near-new condition.

Yes!  You have three options:    1. Place shoes on a shoe stretcher (done in the repair shop),   2. Purchase and apply liquid shoe stretch, or   3. Purchase and apply spray shoe stretch.


Yes!  Purchase a "foot cushion/halter".  A foot cushion/halter is a foam cushion placed into the shoe that not only ends foot sliding but increases the overall comfort of the shoe.


Sometimes the zipper would need to be replaced but quite often the existing zipper may only need a new slide, which is a rather inexpensive fix.


Yes!  We can repair most rips (leather or otherwise) but please bring it by to have one of our staff take a look at it.


Yes!  Please let us take a look at your shoes before throwing them away.  We have about very good success rate in saving shoes that pets have gotten ahold of.


‚ÄčYes!  There is a product called Urad that will make your leather goods look good as new.